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An estimated 5.3 million Americans currently live with significant physical and cognitive challenges due to brain injury. These challenges affect our emotions, behaviors, relationships, and our quality of life. Help us make a difference.

Monday Kick-starter Quote of the Week (and a little hint)

This week’s quote is going to be our theme for the week! Can you guess what it is?

Write for Your LIfe

It’s not too late to register for Barbara Stahura’s really terrific webinar series, “Journaling After Brain Injury.”  Use the links to learn more and to follow an easy registration process. Unlock the power of words for your personal journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Look to the Helpers, Today and Everyday

One of the BEST quotes ever and very fitting for today (and everyday).

Domestic Violence and Brain Injury

Much has been said in the news recently about the deeply disturbing video footage of recently fired NFL player Ray Rice attacking his then fiancee, knocking her unconscious for at least several minutes. What has had little mention, is it appears that after this incident, the injured woman did not receive medical attention. Brain injury…