A brain injury dramatically impacts both an individual and their family. Whether it’s for the short term or for a lifetime a brain injury changes our lives in both visible and invisible ways. BEST is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and provides PEER support and education. BEST distinguishes itself from other brain injury organizations in that the leadership, services, and programs are built by and for individuals with brain injury and their families.
Happy National Puppy Day!

🐶Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Celebrating our fur superheroes and furry BEST friends! 🐾❤️ 

TBI Awareness

(Editor’s note: Writer, investigative journalist and BEST guest blogger, Isaac Peterson, shares some brain injury awareness information in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month. Thank you Isaac for the important facts about brain injury. KT) A few times while contributing writing to this blog, I’ve mentioned undiagnosed traumatic brain injury (TBI)  and never really thought…