BEST programs are designed to provide the support, education, tools , and strategies to support success, health, and well-being for individuals with brain injury and their families. Meaningful work, relationships, and independent living to the extent that fulfills us is all part of how we define personal success. The education and peer support BEST offers help participants live quality lives, define their interests, and build on their strengths.

PEER Support – We understand and appreciate the value of peer support because of our personal relationship with brain injury. We believe in developing peer-led brain injury support groups, facilitator training, and more. Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person groups we have been working with facilitators to host, administer, and engage their groups using digital platforms and other methods to remain connected.

Project PEER offers “Personal Empowerment through Education and Resources” as a holistic approach to empowering individuals with brain injury through specialized futures planning, skills training, and peer mentoring to achieve personal success. Introduced in 2011, Project PEER is a unique way of empowering both survivors of brain injury and their caregivers.


Education – provides resources, presentations, workshops, and training built on best practices. Our education approach and content is developed by professionals with brain injuries for individuals with a brain injury and their families, caregivers, professionals, paraprofessionals, educators, legislators, and the general public.

Our Online Learning Center s a vital part of our work with individuals with brain injury, caregivers, and professionals. We offer self-paced learning and instructor-facilitated courses. There is a class and a style to fit just about every need. Our Online Learning Center provides classes that support participants in Project PEER and our Empowered Self Program.


Second Life – Second Life is a virtual experience where we have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities without ever having to leave the comfort of home. Often after a brain injury, be it a stroke, TBI, or even limitations that come with aging, we struggle with cognitive and/or physical challenges that dramatically impact our lives. BEST created a space in Second Life for discussion groups, workshops, and more.

This virtual experience gives us the chance to engage in things individuals with physical and cognitive challenges might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy; live music, long walks on the beach, bike rides, shopping malls, sailing, dancing, and more.


Outreach – Our outreach is more than raising awareness of brain injury. Our outreach focuses on helping families, professionals, and the general public to engage in supportive, respectful, and successful interactions with individuals with brain injury.

With the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact, we have significantly curtailed our in-person activities. We continue to share education and raise awareness on various topics including

  • accommodations in the workplace,
  • identity and family communication
  • appropriate support for students,
  • signs and symptoms of brain injury,
  • importance of information, and resources

AND we do it all through online platforms such as

  • webinars,
  • workshops in Second Life,
  • online conference presentations
  • keynote addresses at virtual events.

For more information about our outreach and consulting services contact us at 877-719-2378 or complete the contact form here.