I Make No Apologies! This Is Me!

Do you go shopping with earplugs and sunglasses? If you’re getting coffee with a friend do you ask to sit outside (even if it’s chilly) because it’s easier for you to concentrate on the conversation? Do all the chatting, phone ringing, and background activities at work overwhelm you and diminish your effectiveness? These are just (more…)

Another Great Memory …

Well, it happened again last night, that thing I do all the time where I’m out walking at night and out of the blue, a thought or a memory hits. I’ve written about that before, and this is one of those times I have just got to write it down. In college, back in Wyoming, (more…)

Journalism & My Recovery Process

Sometimes someone asks me why I don’t go back to investigative journalism. People typically say these things: You were so good at it, and you always say your blog writing helps your recovery, so why not be a reporter again? My journalism background does help both my current writing as well as aiding my recovery, (more…)

My Daughter, Nicole

I didn’t want to write this, but I’ve got to get this out.  This will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. This is about my adoptive daughter, Nicole. I’ve written about her before and the special father-daughter relationship and the joy and happiness we shared the past 30 years. Nicole experienced an (more…)

We Don’t Have the Answer (Yet!), But You Just Might

We’ll cut to the chase: funding for educational and support programs and services for disabled adults has not been easy to come by, despite great effort. Our nonprofit has been financially impacted since the onset of the pandemic, but we made it work by being agile and quickly adapting to COVID-19, while serving our beloved (more…)

Jury Duty (Again)

This morning the old joke, when you go into court you are putting your fate in the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty kept going through my injured brain. I had to report for jury duty recently, and I was sitting there waiting to find out whether I’d (more…)