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We know a Traumatic Brain Injury can happen to anyone at any time. We also know every small step can lead to a great accomplishment because we've been doing it since 2008. Take a step with us and help support great accomplishments.

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On Caregiving

(Editor’s note: Writer Isaac Peterson shares a beautiful piece on caregiving and a special tribute to his beloved honorary grandmother. KT)  I was just reviewing some scenes from the movie version of my life and I think I’ve got a great one in mind; the time I was a caregiver. It wasn’t for someone with…

Inside Looking Out

(Editor’s note: Writer and stroke survivor, Isaac Peterson, penned a beautiful personal essay about navigating through these unprecedented times with a traumatic brain injury. Please read on (you’ll be glad you did). Thank you, Isaac. KT).  Reality has become seriously unreal lately. I hope I don’t have to explain what I mean.  Right now most…

Brain Injury Facts

  (Editor’s note: Writer, BEST guest blog contributor, and brain injury survivor, Isaac Peterson, shares a special article on brain injury facts. Read on for details. Thank you, Isaac! KT)  When I first began contributing to blogs, all I knew about traumatic brain injuries (TBI) was that I had one, it was a full-time job,…