The BEST Story 2021: Love Knows BEST
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We’ve known best. As a community of individuals, caregivers, and families navigating brain injury and other cognitive challenges, we know what we need. The best overall health and wellness possible. The ability to share our stories and be heard. The opportunity to grow and learn new things. The chance to connect, support, and help each other and others just like us. What we know best has been brought into question the during the pandemic. How can we do what’s best for ourselves and the community in the face of a pandemic? During constant change and uncertainty? The Brain Energy Support…

The Support is Still Here: Kathi’s Story
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Kathi Sturgeon knows one thing for sure: support is still here. The home care professional, nonprofit board director, sports enthusiast and brain injury survivor, recently reflected on how COVID-19 has impacted her. The quick conclusion: it hasn’t been easy. Kathi explains. “One of the challenges has been keeping up with the seemingly constant changes,” shares Kathi. “One day we’re able to do one thing, the next day or two, we might not be able to do something, or the expectation has changed There seems to be so many voices out there, so who do I listen to?” Kathi continues, “It feels so…

Monday Motivation: October 11, 2021

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BEST Autumn Wishes: Our Latest E-Newsletter
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Our latest e-newsletter just got delivered to email inboxes. Highlights include: BEST autumn wishes, online and social media health and wellness, and COVID-19 resources.  Didn’t get yours? Click here to read it. Want to get our newsletter directly to your email inbox? Click here to sign up!  Related Posts:2020: A Superhero Year to Come!NEW: How to Create a Superhero in 3 Steps!May E-Newsletter: BelieveOur Holiday Newsletter is Here!Super News You Can UseOnline Health: Sharing On Social Media

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