No Regrets

We get told a lot that we should live our lives with no regrets. But how are we supposed to do that?  Most of the time there’s no one there to give us advice on the right choices to make and the right thing to do to avoid making choices we regret. Making regrettable life choices is a good way to get the experience that tells us what to do to avoid making the same mistakes over and over.  It’s too bad our older and wiser selves can’t talk to us from the future and give us guidance about what…

Hello Autumn!
autumn leaves falling in the wind

Hello Autumn.🍁🍂🧡 “Life starts all over again when it get’s crisp in the fall.” Here’s to life’s energy and good vibes as we kick off Autumn 2022!    Related Posts:Autumn Love and Greetings from Your BEST Friends!Welcome, September!Monday Motivation: September 12, 2022Monday Motivation: September 19, 2022Hello, October: Let’s Dance!Reminder: Clocks Fall Back November 1, 2020

Join BEST for Cognicon October 14-15, 2022!

CogniCon 2022 CogniCon 2022 14 & 15 October 2022  Cognicon returns! Save the date for October 14-15, 2022 for a virtual event that is like no other!  For those not familiar with Cognicon, the event was started in 2019. This virtual cognitive convention is designed to share information about brain health, wellness, self-care, empowerment, and supportive communities and programs in the virtual platform of Second Life.   There is no charge to attend, no registration or sign up required, and all are welcome! Here’s what’s happening:  Conference Schedule *** Friday, 14 October 9am – CogniCon presentation @ Nonprofit Commons 10:30am – BEST…

Post-stroke Spasticity

Well, here’s one thing about strokes I never heard of before now: post-stroke spasticity. I’ll call it PSS. Although I never heard of it, PSS is fairly common in stroke survivors. It causes stiff or rigid muscles and commonly affects the elbows, wrists and ankles. PSS restricts the full range of a muscle’s motion and also makes a muscle involuntarily contract. That can make the surrounding tendons and soft tissue become tight, and cause weakness and lack of coordination. When this happens, stretching the affected muscle is very difficult. In what’s called contracture, joints in arms and legs can become…

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