Happy Weekend!
A watercolor style simple painting of a mountain, sky and forest. Text reads: Happy Weekend. Here's to peace, relaxation and a time to refuel

Have a peaceful, relaxing, restful and safe holiday weekend everyone!  Related Posts:Holiday Tips to Help You Feel Your Best

The Beauty of Friendship Defined
A simple drawing of a cute pair of animal friends, a cat and a bear. The bear is patting the cat on the back and both are happy. Text reads: One-of-the-most-beautiful-qualities-of-true-friendship-is-to-understand-and-to-be-understood.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.”  We can’t say enough YES to this beautiful definition of friendship. Related Posts:Never ForgetMy Friend Gary: A Portrait of Love and Friendship

BEST in Second Life

Check out BEST in Second Life, virtual world support for the individuals and communities.  Our programs offer peer and caregiver support, educational opportunities, special events and activities and more much.  It’s free and all are welcome!  Click here to start your journey today!  Related Posts:A Warm Virtual Welcome from BEST!Earth Day Virtual Bouquet: From Your BEST Friends at Etopia!Thankful Thursday: Our BEST Friends in Second LifeA BEST World Community Bouquet!Save the Date: Cognicon 2022 Fall 2022!Empowered People, Empowered Planet: Earth Day 2022

Monday Motivation: May 23, 2022

There’s no should or should not when it comes to having feelings. They’re part of who we are and their origins are beyond our control. When we believe that, we may find it easier to make constructive choices on what to do with those feelings.  Related Posts:Monday Motivation: March 14, 2022Monday Motivation: May 2, 2022BEST Monday Motivation: March 2, 2020BEST Monday Motivation: February 3, 2020BEST Monday Motivation: April 20, 2020Monday Motivation: September 20, 2021

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