My BEST Story: Support, Opportunity and Hope
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It wasn’t until I had been discharged from a month-long hospital stay in 2016 after experiencing a major stroke that I had even heard of the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). For some reason I don’t really know or understand, I decided to get into a support group. The social worker at the hospital gave me a list of groups and I set out to make calls for information and choose the one I thought would work best for me. I called the first number on the list and spoke with a man named Jeff. After we spoke for just…

Happy BEST Friendsgiving!
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Happy BEST Friendsgiving! Sending gratitude, love, and care to our BEST Friends and their families.💜  Related Posts:Harvest Party With Our Etopia BESTies!Happy Thanksgiving 2020Our CommunityThankful Thursday: Thank You For Being Our Light(NEW): BEST Launches New Website Feature SoonHolidays Can Be Happy Even With COVID-19 And A Brain Injury.

Batman Says: Create Who You Are
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Batman says: I wear a mask, and that mask is not to hide who I am, but to create who I am.   In the brain injury community, creating who were are, what we want to be, and where we want to go, is critical to our recoveries and living the best lives possible.  Support. Empowerment. Education. Knowledge. Resources. Care. Love.  All those things noted above are the tools to create who we are (with a little help from our BEST friends).  Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving back to organizations and causes you care about, is November 30, 2021.…

The BEST Story 2021: Love Knows BEST
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We’ve known best. As a community of individuals, caregivers, and families navigating brain injury and other cognitive challenges, we know what we need. The best overall health and wellness possible. The ability to share our stories and be heard. The opportunity to grow and learn new things. The chance to connect, support, and help each other and others just like us. What we know best has been brought into question the during the pandemic. How can we do what’s best for ourselves and the community in the face of a pandemic? During constant change and uncertainty? The Brain Energy Support…

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