Since 2008 The BEST Board of Directors has guided the organization and its relationship with our community using a Policy Governance model that reflects the values, supports the mission, and guides the vision of BEST. Policy Governance is a method of board governance that clearly delegates authority to the Executive Director and the Board monitors the performance of the organization according to a set of carefully crafted written policies.

If you are a committed and engaged member of our community we invite you to consider joining us on the Board by submitting a Board of Directors Application. The Board Introduction Packet answers common questions about serving on the Board and provides the forms you will submit to become a candidate.

In our role as the Board of Directors we

  • Set policy and ensure BEST has the resources it needs to carry out its mission
  • Are ambassadors in the community building relationships and good will for BEST
  • Provide oversight and direction for our Executive Director
  • Continually evaluate our own effectiveness as a governing body, as a group of volunteers, and as advocates of BEST in the community

The Board seeks candidates with the following capabilities:

  • Constructive and creative leadership skills to contribute sound reasoning and judgment to the Board governance process.
  • Desire to develop visionary ideas through study, advisement and discussion. This includes an ability to work within a group setting: to speak up, listen well and be receptive to differing views.
  • Interest in Board process and agreement to work within our Board’s chosen framework, including development and refinement of new and existing policies.
  • Connection to our community of members; beyond a narrow demographic and with an interest in the whole organization.
  • Willingness to support Board decisions that are reached through democratic processes.

Please consider becoming a part of the process and apply today!

Interested in joining us? Download our Board Introduction Packet.


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Current Board of Directors
  • Penny Condoll (Secretary)
  • K. I. Lefkowitz (Treasurer)
  • Kathi Sturgeon
  • Robin Spicuzza