You already know that in 2020 BEST moved all programming to our website, virtual events, and Second Life. At the time we believed we could make a difference by creating a virtual presence to support a neurodivergent community and their caregivers. 

Our goal in Second Life was toA photo collage of spring flowers from Etopia in Second LIfe

  1. support those with cognitive challenges & differences to engage in alternative and meaningful learning and PEER support and
  2. help those who interact with neurodivergent individuals understand best practices and how to employ meaningful supportive engagement.

It’s 2024 and our faith was well-placed. BEST has engaged thousands over the past 4 years in exciting, helpful, interesting, and fun activities. Read on and then join us.

The BEST PEER Center at Etopia Sustainable Community is a great space for BESTies to get together to spend time socializing, have support group meetings, learn how to live healthy lives, and much more.

Not familiar with Etopia? Etopia is a virtual collaboration space for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and others from around the world. It is filled with organic, cooperative, and sustainable living systems.

Our islands are designed to reflect how we can have what we need (and want) to live well without compromising the greater good or negatively impacting our environment. This means that BEST program participants learn about, and experience the value of, how to live a healthier life while supporting the health of our planet.

We invite you to visit the BEST PEER Center at Etopia. A Landmark is available in our main office at Etopia Plaza.

Join us in Second Life and enjoy events and group discussions, share information, exchange tips & tricks, and create community. Visit our instructions page on how to join and find BEST in Second Life.

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