Spring Song!

Cherry blossoms are a favorite this time of year. Filled with color and fresh fragrance they lift our spirits after a cold, often bleak, winter. Bird songs rise this time of year, too. Enjoy our Spring haiku titled, Spring Song. BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Neurodragoneering! What The Heck Is That?

You’re sitting around the table with several friends and one begins to speak, “It’s dusk and the road is dusty and rutted. The town is another half day’s walk. Your pack is getting heavy and it begins to rain. As the rain continues you feel cold as the dampness of your rain-soaked clothes settles into (more…)

Brain Busters Is Going Gang Busters In SL

Virtual worlds, especially Second Life, provide an invaluable lifeline for many in our community who are isolated for a variety of reasons. I’ve written about this before and personally experience how helpful Second Life can be. The immersive experiences and connections with others have been especially helpful over the past three years as shifting health (more…)

The Lotus Blossoms In the Muddiest Water

Did you know that the lotus grows in muddy water? It is said that the muddier the pond, the more beautiful the flower. The lotus flower has great meaning in Buddhism. An open flower, one that has bloomed, represents enlightenment and the muddy water represents the turbulence and challenges of our daily life. The Buddha (more…)

10 Immune System Boosters

This is the time of year when your immune system takes a beating; flu, common cold, bronchitis, stomach bug, and even COVID. Yes, any virus can sneak in and take control whenever your immune system is weakened. That includes some medications (talk to your doctor about this if you have concerns about your prescriptions). Sure (more…)