Our Online Learning Center provides classes that support participants in Project PEER and our Empowered Self Program.

Introduced in 2011, Project PEER is about Personal Empowerment through Education and Resources. It is a unique way of empowering both survivors of brain injury and their caregivers. It gives individuals with brain injury and caregivers the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve social, business, and daily living skills. More importantly, this program is designed to help participants realize their own potential to embrace leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit, and create jobs that are led by peers.

Courses Offered:

  • Zoom For Meetings
    • A video course designed for the new user of Zoom.
  • Calm Mind Meditation
    • This course offers a series of video classes on meditation and relaxation.
  • Identity & Next Steps
    • A self-guided course that guides someone through the steps of establishing themselves after a brain injury.