Another Great Memory …

Well, it happened again last night, that thing I do all the time where I’m out walking at night and out of the blue, a thought or a memory hits. I’ve written about that before, and this is one of those times I have just got to write it down. In college, back in Wyoming, (more…)

Post-stroke Spasticity

Well, here’s one thing about strokes I never heard of before now: post-stroke spasticity. I’ll call it PSS. Although I never heard of it, PSS is fairly common in stroke survivors. It causes stiff or rigid muscles and commonly affects the elbows, wrists and ankles. PSS restricts the full range of a muscle’s motion and (more…)

Transient Ischemic Attacks

Since the stroke I survived, I’ve run into quite a few people who have told me about somebody they know who had one or several mini-strokes. Here, in this space, I’ve been recovering from a stroke all this time and writing about traumatic brain injuries and strokes. I never even thought of about mini-strokes, until (more…)

Moving On

Last Wednesday, my past caught up with me in a good way, and now my pre-stroke and pre-brain injury self can finally be put to rest. For good. Last Wednesday I finally got most of the rest of my belongings shipped to me from Minnesota. All my books, clothes, comic books (over a thousand), my (more…)

Unconventional Behavior

Yesterday, after a friend read one of my essays she told me this: “Well, that was unusual; but you’ve always been pretty unconventional.” I thanked her for the compliment. But it jogged something in my head, and it was time for another trip down Memory Lane. I was always a good kid; obedient, respectful of (more…)

Stroke Derivation and History

Before I experienced a stroke, the word stroke just pretty much meant to me the following definitions and images: petting a fluffy kitten; swinging a golf club; or a metaphor, as in, a stroke of luck.  Why do those benign and innocuous ideas share the same name as one of the most deadly and horrific (more…)