Education is an integral part of what BEST is about. We’ve been providing quality learning opportunities since 2011. We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and small group activities for individuals with brain injury, caregivers, and professionals. Now we’re offering many of these activities online.

With the impact of COVID-19 and the physical distancing required to maintain our individual and community health, we are determined to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be socially connected. Our experience and expertise with remote connectivity, communications, and digital platforms such as discussion forums, video conferencing, and Second Life provide us with a unique set of tools to support our community.

Second Life

Second Life is a virtual experience where we have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities without ever having to leave the comfort of home. Often after a brain injury, be it a stroke, TBI, or even limitations that come with aging, we struggle with cognitive and/or physical challenges that dramatically impact our lives. BEST created a space in Second Life for discussion groups, workshops, and more. This virtual experience gives us the chance to engage in things individuals with physical and cognitive challenges might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy; live music, long walks on the beach, bike rides, shopping malls, sailing, dancing, and more. We also facilitate our Identity & Next Steps program in Second Life along with numerous other workshops and classes.

Online Learning Center

We’ve also strengthened our dedicated website of amazing online classes. The BEST Online Learning Center is a vital part of our work with individuals with brain injury, caregivers, and professionals. We offer self-paced learning and instructor-facilitated courses. There is a class and a style to fit just about every need. Learn more about what we have to offer by visiting the BEST Online Learning Center.

Our Online Learning Center provides classes that support participants in Project PEER and our Empowered Self Program. Introduced in 2011, Project PEER is about Personal Empowerment through Education and Resources. It is a unique way of empowering both survivors of brain injury and their caregivers. It gives individuals with brain injury and caregivers the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve social, business, and daily living skills. More importantly, this program is designed to help participants realize their own potential to embrace leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit, and create jobs that are lead by peers.

Webinar Archives

Over the years we’ve hosted some amazing presenters on a wide variety of topics. Some of those are more relevant than ever before. Visit our Webinar section for videos on various topics including

  • fundraising,
  • neuro-fatigue
  • communication,
  • advocating for accomodations
  • facilitating a support group

Community Outreach

In the past, we’ve offered in-person consulting services and community outreach activities to increase public awareness about brain injury. With the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact, we have significantly curtailed our in-person activities. We continue to share education and raise awareness on various topics including

  • accommodations in the workplace,
  • identity and family communication
  • appropriate support for students,
  • signs and symptoms of brain injury,
  • importance of information, and resources

AND we do it all through online platforms such as

  • webinars,
  • workshops in Second Life,
  • online conference presentations
  • keynote addresses at virtual events.

For more information contact us at 877-719-2378 about our education programs.