My Latest Self-Care Score

I’m a big believer in self-care for brain injury survivors, or for anyone at all for that matter. Medical professionals are great at their jobs and they help us keep breathing and walking around day to day. I don’t know where I’d be without the professionals who treated me while I was experiencing a major (more…)

Accept A Helping Hand.

Sometimes we don’t have to look very far to find something encouraging or inspirational. Here’s a terrific quote from our 2018 archives. “When we accept a helping hand, we may actually also be helping to keep that chain that was forged out of links started by someone who committed an act of unconditional giving motivated (more…)

Another Great Memory …

Well, it happened again last night, that thing I do all the time where I’m out walking at night and out of the blue, a thought or a memory hits. I’ve written about that before, and this is one of those times I have just got to write it down. In college, back in Wyoming, (more…)

National Family Caregivers Month

It’s November again, and that means it’s National Family Caregivers Month, which honors those who serve as caregivers for family members and loved ones. These are not people who set out to be professional caregivers, but unexpectedly became caregivers when a severe negative health situation disabled a family member and made it necessary to assume (more…)

Seasonal Affective Disorder and TBI

Oh boy. Another rainy fall day in Washington (yawn). It rains a lot here in the fall and winter, which means it’s also cloudy a lot in those seasons. It’s cloudy more than half the days of the year, which makes it gloomy for many people here, but not me, having lived most of my (more…)

Journalism & My Recovery Process

Sometimes someone asks me why I don’t go back to investigative journalism. People typically say these things: You were so good at it, and you always say your blog writing helps your recovery, so why not be a reporter again? My journalism background does help both my current writing as well as aiding my recovery, (more…)