BEST Member Area GraphiYou may have heard the old saying, “Membership has its perks.” We know you’ll find the resources and other membership benefits available to you both useful and valuable. You can further support BEST by letting others know about our membership opportunity and sharing your ideas for new perks with us.

Find a membership level that best fits your needs!

Resources – This is a continually growing variety of resources for our members. You can download Coupons, desktop wallpapers, Daily Planners, Worksheets, and more.

Coloring books – Enjoy coloring? Love doing craft projects on your own or with others? Want to share something fun with your brain injury support group? Our collection of coloring books and art ideas will give you plenty to keep you engaged for quite a while.

eBooks & Journals – While they don’t have the smell and feel of a fresh-bound book these eBooks offer insight, inspiration, and how-to tips for health, mindfulness, leadership, and more.

Coaching – We understand how much energy goes into facilitating a support group. Sometimes it feels like a difficult and lonely task. We can help. We offer one-to-one coaching for Our BEST Group members. Book your appointment now.


Crossword PuzzlesCrossword puzzles are a popular way to sharpen your brain and even learn new things. We are proud to offer a free puzzle every day. Become a member and enjoy a daily puzzle. It’s a perk you’ll enjoy.