Home Budgeting Made Simple

Creating a simple home budget can help you manage your finances effectively. Here are five steps to guide you through the process: Determine Your Income: Use the budget worksheet below. List all sources of income, including any wages, freelance work, support income, or any other sources. Make sure to use your net income (after deductions (more…)

Tips & Resources For Buying Food On A Budget

Buying food on a budget can be challenging, but with some strategic planning and smart choices, you can make delicious and inexpensive meals. Here are five tips to help you buy food on a budget:  Plan Your Meals and Create a Shopping List: Before heading to the store, plan your meals for the week. Consider (more…)

The 5 BEST Foods For A Healthy Brain

The way we eat determines how healthy we are in the long run. When we’re young greasy, fast food stops several times a week may not have much impact, but the impact you don’t see in the moment will manifest itself later in life. On the other hand, many foods support brain health. Here are (more…)

10 Immune System Boosters

This is the time of year when your immune system takes a beating; flu, common cold, bronchitis, stomach bug, and even COVID. Yes, any virus can sneak in and take control whenever your immune system is weakened. That includes some medications (talk to your doctor about this if you have concerns about your prescriptions). Sure (more…)

5 Tips For Your BEST Holiday Health

Let’s start by saying that I know you’ve seen these tips before and they’re meant to help you protect yourself and those you love from one of the most virulent seasons in decades. The holiday season is in full swing. After three years of caution, masks, and social distancing, thousands are traveling to celebrate with (more…)

Seasonal Affective Disorder and TBI

Oh boy. Another rainy fall day in Washington (yawn). It rains a lot here in the fall and winter, which means it’s also cloudy a lot in those seasons. It’s cloudy more than half the days of the year, which makes it gloomy for many people here, but not me, having lived most of my (more…)