The 5 BEST Foods For A Healthy Brain

The way we eat determines how healthy we are in the long run. When we’re young greasy, fast food stops several times a week may not have much impact, but the impact you don’t see in the moment will manifest itself later in life. On the other hand, many foods support brain health. Here are (more…)

Empower Your Brain With Food

“Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying, ‘Thank you!’” (Quote from Karen Salmansohn).  Let’s take it a little further: imagine your brain smiling back at you and saying, ‘Thank you!’”   We know that our bodies thrive on healthy foods, right? However, did you know (more…)

Spring and Summer Food Love: Recipes Sought

Spring and summer food love❤️🍓🥑.  One of the magical parts of this time of year is all of the fresh foods that are available. BEST is seeking your favorite healthy and hearty spring and summer recipes to share. Feel free to email Kim at Can’t wait to hear your delicious ideas! BEST loves sharing (more…)

Brain Food: Foods and Recipes

We know that our bodies thrive on healthy foods, right? But did you know that healthy foods also help our brains thrive, too! And it’s not just any healthy foods. Our brains love particular healthy foods. So, why is this? Certain foods feed our brain the essentials to keep it protected, healthful and functioning at its (more…)