We know that our bodies thrive on healthy foods, right?

But did you know that healthy foods also help our brains thrive, too!

And it’s not just any healthy foods. Our brains love particular healthy foods.

So, why is this?

Certain foods feed our brain the essentials to keep it protected, healthful and functioning at its best. And having the healthiest brain possible is important for everyone.

Below are some of the top foods that are good for your brain:

So, now that we know some of the top brain super-powered foods for our brains, how can you prepare and enjoy these foods?

Well, the good news is that recipes needn’t be complex and fancy to do a brain good.

We found a terrific website, bebrainfit.com, that features not one, not two, but 50 (that’s right 5-0) recipes that feature the brain healthy foods above and so many more to boot! The recipes are broken down by meal and category to make it easy to search for great healthy food that makes your brain happy and healthy!

Check it out by clicking, here.

Have a favorite brain food you like to eat (or in some cases, drink)? Do you have a recipe using any of the foods above that you love? Tell us all about it here!

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