My Daughter, Nicole

I didn’t want to write this, but I’ve got to get this out.  This will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. This is about my adoptive daughter, Nicole. I’ve written about her before and the special father-daughter relationship and the joy and happiness we shared the past 30 years. Nicole experienced an (more…)

Jury Duty (Again)

This morning the old joke, when you go into court you are putting your fate in the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty kept going through my injured brain. I had to report for jury duty recently, and I was sitting there waiting to find out whether I’d (more…)

No Regrets

We get told a lot that we should live our lives with no regrets. But how are we supposed to do that?  Most of the time there’s no one there to give us advice on the right choices to make and the right thing to do to avoid making choices we regret. Making regrettable life (more…)

Post-stroke Spasticity

Well, here’s one thing about strokes I never heard of before now: post-stroke spasticity. I’ll call it PSS. Although I never heard of it, PSS is fairly common in stroke survivors. It causes stiff or rigid muscles and commonly affects the elbows, wrists and ankles. PSS restricts the full range of a muscle’s motion and (more…)

Assistive and Adaptive Technologies

Recently, I was on the phone reserving a shuttle ride to an appointment. This is low-cost transportation available where I live for people with disabilities—there may be something like that available where you live, too. Part way through, the operator commented about my lucidity. I explained my disability is physical and under federal and state (more…)

Transient Ischemic Attacks

Since the stroke I survived, I’ve run into quite a few people who have told me about somebody they know who had one or several mini-strokes. Here, in this space, I’ve been recovering from a stroke all this time and writing about traumatic brain injuries and strokes. I never even thought of about mini-strokes, until (more…)