Moving On

Last Wednesday, my past caught up with me in a good way, and now my pre-stroke and pre-brain injury self can finally be put to rest. For good. Last Wednesday I finally got most of the rest of my belongings shipped to me from Minnesota. All my books, clothes, comic books (over a thousand), my (more…)

Do memory supplements work?

I don’t watch much TV these days, but I usually have it on with the volume down and glance up once in a while to see if there’s important breaking news or something. Sometimes when I glance up I see a commercial for a supplement that claims to improve memory. Does this stuff work? Does (more…)

Unconventional Behavior

Yesterday, after a friend read one of my essays she told me this: “Well, that was unusual; but you’ve always been pretty unconventional.” I thanked her for the compliment. But it jogged something in my head, and it was time for another trip down Memory Lane. I was always a good kid; obedient, respectful of (more…)


Falling can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI); that’s kind of a no-brainer, so to speak. Falls account for the majority of acquired TBI, so it’s the leading cause of injuries to the brain. Falls from bed, ladders, down stairs, in the bathtub, and more, are leading causes of TBI in both the elderly and young (more…)

Stroke Derivation and History

Before I experienced a stroke, the word stroke just pretty much meant to me the following definitions and images: petting a fluffy kitten; swinging a golf club; or a metaphor, as in, a stroke of luck.  Why do those benign and innocuous ideas share the same name as one of the most deadly and horrific (more…)


One thing a stroke left intact is my memory, thank goodness. Mostly I mean my long-term memory; my short term still needs some work. I’ve written before about a night just a few months after I left the hospital. It was a night my brain was working overtime to keep my long term memory sharp (more…)