Do memory supplements work?

I don’t watch much TV these days, but I usually have it on with the volume down and glance up once in a while to see if there’s important breaking news or something. Sometimes when I glance up I see a commercial for a supplement that claims to improve memory. Does this stuff work? Does (more…)


One thing a stroke left intact is my memory, thank goodness. Mostly I mean my long-term memory; my short term still needs some work. I’ve written before about a night just a few months after I left the hospital. It was a night my brain was working overtime to keep my long term memory sharp (more…)

Road to Recovery: Occupational Therapy

The latest stop on my road to recovery: occupational therapy. I went in for a routine doctor visit a few weeks ago. The doctor said there was only one thing he was concerned about–my short term memory. Sure, I have some issues with it, like forgetting to put the lid on the popcorn popper, but (more…)