Moving On

Last Wednesday, my past caught up with me in a good way, and now my pre-stroke and pre-brain injury self can finally be put to rest. For good. Last Wednesday I finally got most of the rest of my belongings shipped to me from Minnesota. All my books, clothes, comic books (over a thousand), my (more…)

May is Stroke Awareness Month

  May is Stroke Awareness Month.  Our longtime BEST blogger, Isaac Peterson is a writer, advocate and stroke survivor who has offered important information, resources, tips, inspiration and hope for so many on these blog pages.  We urge you to click here to check out Isaac’s library of articles, essays, and more. You’ll be glad (more…)

Five Years

I have an anniversary coming up, one I’m more than happy to celebrate.  November 8th marks five years since I lived through a major stroke. I’ve written here before that that’s a day I should never be able to forget, but instead it’s a day I’ll never remember. But I’m not worried about that—the fact (more…)