We Don’t Have the Answer (Yet!), But You Just Might

We’ll cut to the chase: funding for educational and support programs and services for disabled adults has not been easy to come by, despite great effort. Our nonprofit has been financially impacted since the onset of the pandemic, but we made it work by being agile and quickly adapting to COVID-19, while serving our beloved (more…)

Support Group Facilitators are Superheroes!

Support group facilitators are superheroes indeed, especially now, in these unprecedented and challenging times.  Today, for #ThankfulThursday, we honor and give thanks for support group facilitators for their hard work, dedication and passion to help others.  It’s our mission and passion to help the helpers here at the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST).  Our BEST (more…)

WARNING: We Are About to Take Support To a New Level!

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), passionately believes in the power and value of support groups. We also recognize and honor the important role support group facilitators play in helping to make support groups thrive. Over the past three years, BEST has actively engaged in communities across Washington State, working closely with brain injury support group (more…)