Support group facilitators are superheroes indeed, especially now, in these unprecedented and challenging times. 

Today, for #ThankfulThursday, we honor and give thanks for support group facilitators for their hard work, dedication and passion to help others. 

It’s our mission and passion to help the helpers here at the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). 

Our BEST Groups comprise a vibrant network of independent brain injury support group facilitators that have chosen to join together with the Brain Energy Support Team to provide leadership, advocate on behalf of individuals with brain injury and their families, increase our impact on decisions that affect our community, and much more.

We also welcome other support group facilitators that support individuals with other cognitive challenges as well. 

We offer the following benefits:

  • Coaching Support for Facilitator Success
  • Email & Online Support
  • An online forum for confidential and peer-led discussions addressing support group issues & questions
  • Discounts on online classes and events
  • Discounts on select items at our online Superhero Shoppe
  • Specially designed webinars
  • Tools & Resources to support your success
  • High-Quality Information Resources

We know from over a decade of experience that there isn’t a more valuable resource for strengthening the brain injury community than support groups. Sharing experiences, resources, and forming lifelong friendships with peers is fundamentally what belonging to a support group is all about. And that group is stronger when you, the facilitator, belongs to a network of peers who share experiences, resources, and support.

Read more here and learn how to join! 

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