We Don’t Have the Answer (Yet!), But You Just Might

We’ll cut to the chase: funding for educational and support programs and services for disabled adults has not been easy to come by, despite great effort. Our nonprofit has been financially impacted since the onset of the pandemic, but we made it work by being agile and quickly adapting to COVID-19, while serving our beloved (more…)

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Whether it’s taking part in a BEST activity or educational opportunity, sharing a BEST post, engaging in conversation, joining BEST as a member, or making a donation, we deeply thank you for your support. It’s really needed and appreciated more than words can say! Learn more on how to support BEST here.  BEST loves sharing (more…)

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To the BEST Supporters: Thank you for supporting brain empowerment for all. You are making a difference in helping individuals and communities grow and thrive! We are grateful for you! 🌿👐🌼   New to BEST? Interested in being a supporter? Here are 2 easy ways to help: 1. Become a member. 2. Donate and/or shop. (more…)

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Be a superhero to yourself.  Be a superhero to other superheroes.  Here’s the BEST way to do just that:  a BEST membership! As a BEST member, you’ll get some super benefits, plus be a part of a superhero team to help people soar to new heights (and yes, that means you, too).  Check it out (more…)

September 30, 2020: Support in 4 Steps

We are reaching out for your help. We know that COVID-19 has touched all our lives in profound and unimaginable ways. We know you’re worried, and we’re worried, too. Our team knows from years of personal experience that navigating a brain injury or other cognitive challenges is hard on individuals, caregivers and families. It’s without (more…)

BE SUPER: Here’s How!

Supportive. Uplifting. Passionate. Energized. Resilient. SUPER! Our BEST Superhero Team Members are THIS and more . Join us to support brain energy , brain injury awareness, education and opportunities for all! Click here to go to our donation and membership information page.  BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0