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COVID-19 Impact Fund

COVID-19 forced in-person support groups to shut down and continue to be postponed and canceled at a time when they are needed most. Your donation is critical to the brain injury community and BEST support as we work to restart, reopen, and help our community to heal and rebuild. No one should feel alone and isolated.

Continuing To Be The BEST For You!

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday. You probably know that from all of the emails that came into your inbox yesterday reminding you it was Giving Tuesday. Admittedly, we sent a couple of reminders, too. There are many causes, many reasons, and many stories. Stories like Holly’s, from our BEST group in Second Life who said, “Because of my brain injury a year ago I can’t work and I’m pretty much house-bound. I discovered that the community here [Second Life] cares and is really supportive. Thank you for this holiday dinner, because otherwise, I’d have been alone.” Stories like the one David…

Harvest Party With Our Etopia BESTies!

We know that because of COVID many Americans could not spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends as in past years. So, we hosted the BEST Etopia Harvest Celebration in Second Life. You might be saying to yourself, “Second Life! That’s a video game!” It’s not. Second Life is an amazing, not to mention the world’s largest, 3D virtual world. Thousands of users engage in social activities, business meetings, personal creativity, and even harvest celebrations like the one we had last Thursday. Friends of BEST and Etopia came from across the grid and around the world to celebrate friendship,…

… and breathe

It’s been a hectic week. Take time to put your feet up, enjoy a hot chocolate, and dive into a good book (or movie).   #SelfCareSaturday #empoweryourbrain #BESTcares

Holidays Can Be Happy Even With COVID-19 And A Brain Injury.

The holidays are upon us and we have some tough decisions to make. Health experts are encouraging us to stay home. I think that’s a smart idea. As of this writing, over 11 million people in the United States have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 250,000 have died. Chances are someone you know, perhaps someone close to you, has become ill with this virus. I, like so many others, have been touched by COVID; people who have become ill and continue to struggle to regain their health and two personal friends have died. Healthcare providers, across the United…

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