BEST has created a virtual presence for reaching out to those with brain injury and their caregivers.  BEST hosts a variety of social events, small group discussions, workshops, and skills training. Our goal in Second Life is to support those with brain injury engage in alternative and meaningful learning and PEER support. Our office can be found on Etopia Island in Second Life.

Our First Annual Cognitive Convention (Cognicon) is February 28 and 29, 2020. Day one (February 28th) begins at noon (PST) and day two (February 29th) begins at 10 am (PST).

Our theme: Creativity Is A Superpower.

The goal is to raise awareness about BEST in Second Life, share information about brain injury, brain health, and supportive communities and programs in Second Life.  

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There is no charge to attend this event. 


(1)  Namaara MacMoragh / Gloria Kraegel

Gloria has 30 years independent consulting experience focusing on helping nonprofits and cooperatives develop capacity through training, information management, and organizational systems development. Gloria has degrees from SUNY Stony Brook and Syracuse University, a background in Information Resource Management and Organizational Development, plus a passion for sustainability, both environmentally and organizationally. Since 2008 she has infused her experience, knowledge, and unique leadership style into the operation of BEST. She is also the creative force behind the Etopia Sustainable Communities in Second Life.


(2)  Gentle Heron / Alice Kruger

Gentle Heron is Alice Krueger. Alice is a former teacher of sciences, mathematics, English, and special education from kindergarten through college level. She has also been an education researcher and professional development provider. She is now permanently disabled with multiple sclerosis. Her world contracted due to the isolation of disability, and in response, she founded the Virtual Ability community in Second Life. Alice is also president of Virtual Ability, Inc., the nonprofit which supports the Virtual Ability community and its activities through collaborative projects with educators and researchers

(3)  Wisdomseeker / Lynne Berrett

Lynne Berrett is a co-founder of the Ageless Mind Project and Director of the online brain training program “Virtual Whole Brain Health.” Virtual Whole Brain Health is hosted at Inspiration Island in Second Life where visitors can find interactive builds, engaging activities, and professional presentations on brain health and aging. The approach in all cases is based on current research into lifestyle choices that keep your brain growing. What do you know about the kinds of diet and sleep and mental and physical exercise that make a real difference? We give you solid information and, more importantly, opportunities to experience the ingredients of a healthy life right in Second Life. and

(4) Marly Melina / Niela Miller

Marly Melina (aka Niela Miller) is a musician, artist and poet, with a background in Gestalt therapy. She studied with top therapists, including Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy and other pioneers of the human potential movement. She loves to explore the creative process, and the method she has developed to do that within Second Life is Symbolic Modeling (or SymMod for short). Using Symbolic Modeling allows workshop participants to use the tools available within Second Life to help others explore feelings, values, or challenges within their own lives. It is intended to be a tool for educators, coaches, therapists and group leaders. Her indomitable spirit and love of learning prompts her to challenge her reluctance of all things technical and plunge into Second Life. “As soon as I heard about Second Life, I got excited and curious since I saw its potential for creative projects of all kinds, for doing teaching and therapy in new ways, for meeting people from all over the world, for finding just about any interest group I could think of, and for having a lot of fun,” Miller noted.

(5)  Zinnia Zauber / Renne Emiko Brock

Renne is an artist, instructor, and superhero promoting the importance of creative education and community participation in the arts and sciences that are active and inclusive. She creates one of a kind handcrafted art, apparel, textiles, computer assemblages, sculptures, videos, and publications that embrace the empowerment of brilliant hues, individualism, and acceptance.As Zinnia Zauber in Second Life she teaches at Peninsula College in Second Life and encourages students to explore the full range of their creativity while connecting them with nonprofits and businesses. 

Here are some other opportunities where you can join us in Second Life on a regular basis as well! 

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