/ˈˌself ˈləv/


  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

The definition of self-love shown above is the dictionary definition.

On its own, it’s great.

But how can take the definition of self-love from great to SUPER? How can we take self-love and help it soar to new heights for the real-life superheroes of the brain injury community?

Here are three ideas.

Self-love is empowered and unique. We are empowered to love ourselves in whatever ways work best for us. Self-love is different for everyone and that’s okay.

Self-love is creative. Self-love challenges us to look at new and creative ideas, while keeping an open mind to see things in fresh ways.

Self-love inspires others. When we love ourselves, it shows, and it inspires others to do the same!

For the BEST community, we are passionate about self-love and self-care. And when we work on these things by sharing ideas and supporting each other, together, we soar like superheroes taking flight!

We think that’s the BEST definition for self-love. 

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