In these unprecedented, confusing and tough times of 2020 and 2021, most people are struggling with some things. Maybe lots of things.

And some may be struggling more than they think.

Health. Loss. Change. Challenges. Obstacles.

As a brain injury community, many of us have coped with those very things: health, loss, change, challenges, obstacles.

There’s something special about our community: we know the way forward, as hard is it can be sometimes. We know what we need. We know that together we can solve problems. We know how to self-advocate and practice self-care.

And if we forget those things, or can’t do them sometimes, we have others in our brain injury support community to remind us, inspire us, encourage us, or just simply listen.

We know what’s best.

Here’s just a couple of the best things about us.

We are good at sharing our stories.

We are good at supporting others.

So, here’s a community challenge, because now is the time.

It’s time to share our stories and the skills we use to manage traumatic brain injury. And for our caregivers and families, they have their own stories and skills to share, too.

It’s time to share how we take care of each other in our community by sharing our respect, care, love, and support.

Let’s share these things. All these things. In fact, let’s share it everywhere.

It’s by sharing we provide ideas, resources, hopefulness, inspiration, and skills to help others in their own lives, whatever their circumstances and whatever they struggle with. Someone has been impacted by COVID. Someone is struggling with their mental health. Or someone is overwhelmed with their caregiving role for a loved one.

We can help.

Interested in sharing your story on our blog and/or social media? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out by email to

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