Today we celebrate Amy Davis. Amy is a BEST hero because of her drive to excel and her enthusiasm for life.

Amy was a junior at Weber State University when she was hospitalized for 10 days after a cheerleading accident. After her release from the hospital Amy struggled with her balance and coordination. She couldn’t focus and had a hard time concentrating. After returning to school and to classes as a musical theater/piano performance major, it was hard to return to normal activities and study habits, but she persisted. She was determined to succeed.

As a Cum Laude graduate, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree from Weber State University in Piano Performance and Musical Theater. In June of 2004, Amy competed with 57 young women in the Miss Utah Scholarship Pageant. After winning the crown, she then fulfilled a lifetime dream to compete in the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City where she won the Lifestyle and Fitness in swimsuit competition.

Learn more about Amy at Amy Davis Online,

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