Last week our #MindfulMonday piece focused on listening. This week we’re sharing exercises to help you listen to yourself. Give them a try and let us know in the comments what worked for you.

Listening Exercise #1

Your body will tell you what it needs to be healthy so long as you listen to its messages; heed the signals. For the next few minutes listen to your body and think of three things you can do that would help you stay healthy.

Listening Exercise #2

How are you feeling right now? Take a moment to listen to your emotions. What are you feeling? Are you anxious? Or are you feeling peaceful? How is your body telling you something about what you are feeling?

Listening Exercise #3

Sit quietly for a moment. Relax and listen to your heart. What is your heart telling you?

Listening Exercise #4

This exercise is a mental station changer to help you identify and control your thoughts.

Step 1 – What are you thinking about right now?

Step 2 – How do those thoughts make you feel?

Step 3 – Can you redirect your thoughts to something else?

Step 4 – Repeat steps 1 through 3

Try changing the stations in your mind several times and pay attention to what you’re thinking and how it makes you feel each time.

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