Caregiver’s Corner: Self-Care for Caregivers by Maggie DePuye-Phillips

  Caregiver’s Corner by Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) Board Vice-President, caregiver and guest blogger, Maggie DePuye-Phillips In keeping with the Brain Energy Support Team’s (BEST) theme for the summer, wellness, I’d like to focus on the importance of caregivers taking care of themselves. This is a common area of concern for many, if not, (more…)

Welcome to Caregiver’s Corner May 2014!

Meet Maggie DePuye-Phillips!   Not only does Maggie serve as BEST’s board vice president, she has a personal and professional background as a caregiver.  Caregiver’s Corner, is an exciting new feature on the BEST blog designed just for you.  Maggie is there to offer the support, encouragement, tools and resources to help. You can take (more…)