You may have some questions…

You might have some questions like this: Where can I get the latest updates from you? How can I connect with my brain injury support group? How can I connect to others in the brain injury community? What things can I do online at BEST? Where can I share information or stories? We’ve got answers! (more…)

Creativity is a Superpower: Possibility

As brain injury awareness month comes to a close, we’ve explored our personal creativity and how it propels us forward as a superpower.   It’s the most important superpower we have in so many ways, especially right now.  Here’s to your possibilities, today and every day!  BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Take Care of Yourself the BEST Way Possible

Self-care is all the rage. You see recommendations for spas, facial products, types of massage therapies, and wellness weekends. Where ever I turn, there’s another ad for something to buy. My goal is to find ways to spoil myself (other than binging on old Star Trek episodes) that don’t cost anything. Or, at the least, (more…)