A brain injury support group serves as an important resource and lifeline for many people.

Why are support groups important? Here are three ways:

  1. Support groups are a safe and comfortable place to share your story, your journey forward, ask questions and voice concerns, all with others who understand and just get it.
  2. Support groups help provide valuable information, education, tips and strategies for living our best lives possible.
  3. Support groups are a good place to meet new people and create friendships who have shared experiences.

In Washington State, we have a robust support group community throughout our state; our support groups are at the ready to share their care, give a hand up to each other, and create a solid community of engagement, involvement and conversations.  

Today, we shine the spotlight on the Spokane area, the second largest city in Washington State and the busy hub of Eastern Washington.

Here are just a couple of  the support group options in this area. Check it out below.

Brain Injury Brunch Club

Second Saturday of the month, 11:00 AM till 12:15 PM

Frankie Doodles Restaurant – Conference Room

30 E 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA 99202

Contact: Nicholas Mehrnoosh Email: nkmehrnoosh@eagles.ewu.edu

Support Group Facilitator: Nicholas Mehrnoosh

Description: The Brain Injury Brunch Club is a peer support group based in Spokane, Washington. The purpose of the group is to foster peer relationships and improve social skills for individuals living with a brain injury. The group engages in discussions and table topic activities. Any food or beverages ordered during the group session is paid for by the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). The group is administered by a Certified Support Group Facilitator that encourages a safe and inclusive environment.

Brain Injury Community Support Group

 Fourth Monday of the month, 6:30 PM till 8:00 PM

MultiCare Valley Hospital – Education Center, Davis Room

12606 E Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99216

Contact: Marysa Rogozynski Email: marysar@brainenergysupportteam.org

Support Group Facilitator: Marysa Rogozynski

Description: The Brain Injury Community Support Group provides tools and resources necessary for personal growth after a brain injury. The group utilizes the Identity & Moving-On after TBI curriculum, developed by Dr. Wayne Gordon at Mount Sinai Hospital and administered by the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). Group members work to create a map of their goals and desires that are built upon their strengths and interests, in order to begin developing a Personal Futures Plan. The group is administered by a Certified Support Group Facilitator and meets on a monthly basis. Individuals of all ages are welcomed to attend.

Looking for additional support group options? Seeking a support group in other areas of Washington State? Click here to find a support group near you.


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