Ready to play a little virtual bingo

Playing can be done multiple ways, with multiple people in a virtual setting, with family or friends at your home, or on your own. 

Variation one: Traditional Bingo (for multiple players)  

The key is that the cards need to have a different order of the boxes (different cards with different variations). If you’d like to play this way, email  Kim T. at kim@brainenergysupportteam and she will create cards that all ordered differently in the number you need! 

Or feel free to take the idea below and create your own. 

Once you receive your cards (or create them), send one graphic to each participant and follow these steps. 

To play virtually (like on Zoom) or at home with others: 

Designate a someone to call out the words on the squares. Download and print the bingo card.  The caller will print two sheets. The second sheet will be cut into individual squares put the squares into a hat or bowl to be called out one by one.  

CALL: The caller should pull out one image, read/describe it. Players place a marker of some kind (for example, a coin) to cover the square that was called.

The space that’s marked FREE can be marked automatically. 

The first one to get a row completed (either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically), calls BINGO! 

Optional (and encouraged!): discuss the concepts of self-care in the game. Each player shares what self-care practices they’ve put into place recently that are noted on the square. 

Variation Two: Action Bingo (ideal for one person or a few) 

Take action on self-care. 

When you accomplish one of the self-care activities noted in the squares, mark it (the free box in the center can be marked automatically!)

Once you have a complete row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), give yourself a BINGO shout-out (and pat yourself on the back, superhero).

Fill the ENTIRE square and give yourself an extra big shout-out! 

Perhaps challenge a family member or friend to try it, too. 

Let us know how you did, either way. 

Enjoy and happy SUPER self-care!


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