This is our first “Today’s Hero” item. Throughout the month of March we’re going to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals with brain injury. Today we celebrate Logan Olson. Logan is a hero to all of us at BEST because her spirit and determination are truly inspirational.

Logan was 16 when she suffered a heart-attack and fell into a coma leaving her with a traumatic brain injury. After seven months of rehab she was able to feed herself and stand. Her greatest desire was to be able to dress in other than sweats and wear make up again. According to her website she “poured through fashion magazines for alternatives, but came up empty-handed. And that’s when the idea struck: The world needs a magazine for young women with disabilities. A magazine featuring girls like her, with tips on easy-to-handle beauty products and clothes. She envisioned a place where they could share advice on meeting challenges and living well.”

Now, 13 years later Logan is a successful magazine publisher. Check out the website; Logan’s passion for fashion is evident in her magazine. She is committed to encouraging teens to celebrate fashion instead of giving up on it.

“Do your makeup still. Do your hair still. Keep living, keep living, keep living!” she says.

This series will run throughout March so email us with information about your hero (admin at and we just might publish your story here and on our Facebook page.