Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity “Lavender” Card Series (courtesy photo)

Cards are like special paper hugs sent through the mail, especially beautiful handmade cards made with love and care.

Diane Rasch is happily (and quite busily) providing those gentle and wonderful hugs to the community through her creative work with her business, Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity. The business, started in 2013, began with cards sold locally. Today, Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity has expanded to include sweet hand-crafted gifts as well as cards.

Rasch’s products are currently featured in over 40 shops in nine states.

Now that’s a LOT of hugs being shared.

Even better? New shops are coming into the fold on a steady basis.

Her personal and business theme and message are straightforward.

“Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity was founded on art that speaks from the heart, and about loving and honoring each other,” says Rasch.

It is that very message that captures the spirit and imagination of the community; along with Rasch’s warm smile, kindness, determination and deep passion for her work that naturally draws businesses and customers alike.

Her workshop, located in at Our BEST Space in University Place, Washington, is always abuzz with excitement, positive energy and activity. Rasch is busy fulfilling orders, sharing her passion with BEST Space patrons and local brain injury support group members, and leading creative activities at the Space every Wednesday. She has also participated in multiple local community art shows over the years with her multi-media collage artwork.

Currently, Rasch’s art will be appearing in the upcoming Superhero show, a BEST community art installation at the Tacoma Art Museum this fall. Her work is also featured on the museum website advertising the show.  

When she is not creating, she’s checking in with shop owners and scouting new locations for her work.

And of course, she enjoys spending time with her loving husband John, beloved children and grandchildren and dear friends. 

Despite all the excitement with her art and making her dreams reality, Rasch is mindful. She is a brain injury survivor. She works just as hard at taking care of herself and supporting fellow survivors. It’s important to her to practice self-care, along with caring for others and spreading the message of brain injury awareness through her personal story and journey forward.

Photos by K. Thompson

And that journey began right at the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), as one of Rasch’s early card making projects launched. Rasch decided to send BEST support group members special hand-crafted birthday cards. People were touched by the gesture, but there was one person who reached back out to Rasch that touched her heart profoundly.

“I received a thank you card back for the birthday card I sent,” shares Rasch. “There was a handwritten note that said how much that card meant to that person.  They told me it was the only birthday card they got.”

 “I felt so moved by this response, I just cried. This really touched me; therefore, I just love getting into making cards.”

Her Birthday Card Project continues to this day, brightening the birthdays of BESTies.  

Rasch has further expanded her role at BEST serving as the BEST Creative Consultant for Arts and Education and the BEST Gratitude Specialist.

Everything Rasch does is part of her plan to continue to send a positive message and touch the lives of others.

She is passionate about with her quest to encouragement, kindness and special hugs of love through her personal life and work across communities, near and far.

“Encouragement can change someone’s day or life. And kindness. Kindness is huge!”

Have a question for the artist? Interested in learning more about her work? You are cordially invited to Our BEST Space. Take part in Rasch’s Creative Time activities held each Wednesday from 11 am to 3 pm and create alongside the artist. This is a free activity (donations are warmly welcomed and appreciated). No experience is necessary.

You are also welcomed to browse through our Superhero Shoppe, that proudly features Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity items during your visit. Cards for all occasions and special gifts are on display and available for purchase. As an added bonus, proceeds from the Superhero Shopppe benefit the brain injury community and their families. 

To learn more about Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity, click here

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