Our BEST Artist Spotlight for July 2019 focuses on a young adult artist, who despite her age, has a rich history and deep passion for art.

On the cusp on her 18th birthday, Erin has been creating, studying and enjoying art since a tender young age.

Since 2016, Erin has been contributing her art and volunteer time to BEST. Erin contributed her original art to BEST’s popular holiday tips and advice article series and a widely-shared special article series on empowerment, self-care and brain injury awareness.

Artist Erin Thompson (courtesy photo from the artist)

Erin has also assisted BEST with various social media campaigns, sharing her time, energy and her talent.

What’s next for the artist?

This fall, Erin embarks on the next phase of her education and will be attending the University of Washington where she’ll be pursuing a degree in business and marketing. She’ll continue with her passion for art and will be appearing the Superhero show, BEST’s community art installation at the Tacoma Art Museum in October.

We gathered Erin’s thoughts on art and what she loves about superheroes. Check it out below. 

Erin’s Connections to BEST:

“I have a family member with a brain injury, and I have been a BEST volunteer since 2016,” Erin explains.

Erin’s Connections to Art

“I enjoy creating digital and traditional drawings that reflect some aspect of my personality,” shares the artist. “I enjoy creating these types of pieces because they allow me to share who I am with the world.”


Erin’s Favorite Art Themes to Create:

“Empowerment,” says Erin. “I create my characters in a way that resembles confidence through their clothes, facial expressions, poses, and so on. My main goal when putting my art out in the world is to empower others to be themselves unapologetically.”  

Erin Thompson artwork (courtesy photo)

Why Art is Special to Erin:

“To me, art is therapeutic. It is a chance for me to connect with myself and convey my emotions, passions and ideas in a creative way,” explains Erin. “Art is special to me because it has always been my favorite way to share who I am with the world.”

Erin Thompson Artwork (courtesy photo)

Erin’s Favorite Superhero Characteristics:

Here’s her list: selfless; confident; caring; and dauntless.

To learn more about the Superhero show, community art installation program, the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM), and how you can participate as a local BEST artist, please click here

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