BEST Superhero Diane Rasch Shares the Love with Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity

Cards are like sharing love the love through the mail, especially with beautiful handmade cards made with love and care. Diane Rasch is happily (and quite busily) providing that love to the community through her creative work with her business, Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity. The business, started in 2013, began with cards sold locally. Today, (more…)

BEST Artist Spotlight: Erin Thompson

Our BEST Artist Spotlight for July 2019 focuses on a young adult artist, who despite her age, has a rich history and deep passion for art. On the cusp on her 18th birthday, Erin has been creating, studying and enjoying art since a tender young age. Since 2016, Erin has been contributing her art and (more…)

BEST Artist Spotlight: Renne Emiko Brock

  Our BEST June Artist Spotlight shines the light on not only an amazing superhero supporter, but also real-life community superhero from not one, but two worlds! Meet Renne Emiko Brock, local artist, college instructor and a passionate superhero advocate who supports and empowers others to be their best selves. She shares her work, passions, and support (more…)