Today our mindful suggestions focus on color. These three exercises can be alternated throughout the coming week.

Connect The Colors

Kermit the frog from Sesame Street sang a great song called Rainbow Connection. I can still see him sitting on a log in a bog or forested area with his frog-sized banjo singing his heart out. Sure, the song is about lovers, dreamers, and frogs, but for today let’s make it about colors. Specifically, the colors around you in this moment.

Step 1 – Where ever you are, stop, breath, and focus on this moment.

Step 2 – Look around at all the colors surrounding you.

Step 3 – How many colors of the rainbow can you see?

Green, Green, And More Green

Speaking of Kermit, this mindfulness exercise is similar to the one above, but it is all about finding different shades of green. This exercise is one of my favorites because when I did it for the first time I was amazed at how many different greens there are just outside my livingroom window.

Step 1 – Find a comfortable spot near a window. Breathe and relax.

Step 2 – Look out the window and focus on all the shades of green. Trees? Shrubs? Grass? Flower stems?

Step 3 – Find and count each shade of green that you see.

Breathing Colors

Step 1 – Sit in your favorite spot and take a moment to listen to your breath.

Step 2 – Follow the breath as it moves through your nose and into your lungs and then back out again.

Step 3 – While breathing imagine your favorite color and imagine yourself breathing that color.

Step 4 – What does that color mean to you?


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