Sometimes in life, the stars just align. 

And before you know it, you are connected to something bigger than you ever thought imaginable. 

I was a journalist who worked for several locally-based military community publications. Through that work, I was honored to share the stories of veterans (including disabled veterans), active duty servicemembers, military spouses and military families. 

This community showed me what resiliency and empowerment was first hand. 

Enter the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). 

Through my work at the paper, I had the chance opportunity to interview BEST multiple times, as BEST was a valuable resource for the military community. They, too, taught me about empowerment, resilience, and hope.

Through these conversations, a bond and friendship emerged with my new BEST friends, and it was then that I began my communications work right here, starting with this very blog. 

Here’s where the stars align. 

On my first day with BEST, I got the news, literally that very same day, that a family member was formally and officially diagnosed with a brain injury and epilepsy after several misdiagnoses. 

So here I was, amongst kind, supportive, welcoming, and amazing people, brain injury survivors and family caregivers, who were able to provide resources, encouragement, and care for me and my family from day one. 

There’s more. 

I have had the opportunity over the years to write and share the stories, in words and pictures, of survivors, caregivers and families. I have also been able to connect, have important conversations, and develop friendships and share support each day with people from the brain injury and caregiving community from all over the world through BEST’s social media platforms. 

This bond of support and care has only strengthened during COVID-19; but also, the need for  support has also increased due to the pandemic. 

It’s with this personal experience over the last eight years, and witnessing first hand the impact of COVID-19 on the brain injury community, that I encourage anyone reading this to join us as a BEST Superhero member or support us with a monetary gift (any amount is welcomed and appreciated).  (Prefer to mail your gift? Click here).  

Your efforts will make a difference.

In fact, I know this for sure: your efforts are the difference. 

Thank you! 

Starry night sky with one shooting star over a mountain



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