From Resolution to Restoration: Flipping the Script January 2023

My rigorous and carefully orchestrated yearly rituals of early holiday season prep, meticulous holiday season planning, and intensive organizational routines tend to reward me with extra rest, peace and blessed slowness, from about mid-December through the new year (albeit a few holiday, work, and life balance details here and there, but not a huge deal). (more…)

How to be a Gift Detective (in More Ways than One)!

I am the parent of two young adults. When it comes to gifts for them, there’s no detective work. I simply ask what they want. If the item(s), appropriately meet my budget and my ability to get them (which fortunately has never been an issue), then I proceed with getting the gifts. Done! For those (more…)

Thank you for the gifts!

Hello, BEST community!    It’s Kim Thompson from BEST Communications and I want to tell you something.   Today, I celebrate my birthday. As I reflect on gratitude, one of the BEST gifts I have received is from you, the BEST community (really, each and every day)!   Thank you for the gift of community, (more…)

Why I Support BEST: Kim’s Story

Sometimes in life, the stars just align.  And before you know it, you are connected to something bigger than you ever thought imaginable.  I was a journalist who worked for several locally-based military community publications. Through that work, I was honored to share the stories of veterans (including disabled veterans), active duty servicemembers, military spouses (more…)

What Nonprofit Communications Professionals Wish You Knew

(Editor’s note: BEST’s own Kim Thompson recently shared this article about a behind the scenes look at being a Nonprofit Communications Manager. This article originally appeared on Medium and it has been reprinted here with the author’s permission).  I have been a nonprofit communications professional for nearly a decade. What does my job entail? People (more…)