The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is pleased to announce a new blog and social media feature, called Sound Off.  One of the key features in what makes BEST a supportive, safe and poignant organization is the ability to promote and encourage conversations.

Whether it’s sharing our stories and personal journeys, reaching out to discuss our wins and worries, discussing the issues and impacts to the TBI community, sharing tips and tricks, giving each other a verbal “high five” and so much more, conversation is an engaging and bonding experience for all.

Watch this blog and our social media pages for your own opportunities to sound off on a variety of compelling topics in the coming months. Give an opinion. Ask a question.  Share an idea. Take this journey with us in a safe and welcoming environment. We look forward to some really interesting and great discussions and learning something new.

The more the merrier! Encourage friends, family, neighbors and other community members to take part.

Have an idea for a great discussion? Feel free to contact Kim T. at