Sound Off: Su Meck’s Book, “I Forgot to Remember: A Memoir of Amnesia”

  In 1988, Su Meck, a 22-year-old married mother of two, literally had her world come crashing down on her. A ceiling collapsed on Meck’s head. After the accident, she took a terrible fall. She was then taken to the hospital badly injured. When she regained consciousness, Meck had lost all of her memories. While (more…)

Sound Off: Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) Gets the Conversation Going

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is pleased to announce a new blog and social media feature, called Sound Off.  One of the key features in what makes BEST a supportive, safe and poignant organization is the ability to promote and encourage conversations. Whether it’s sharing our stories and personal journeys, reaching out to discuss (more…)