Our BEST friends, the JBLM Bettie Brigade, an all-female roller derby team here in the South Puget Sound region, will be taking a pie in the face for the BEST causes this Saturday night at their home bout in Tacoma, Washington! Here’s what they had to say recently on their Facebook page:

“There’s nothing like a big ole pie in the face to support a good cause! Come to our bout on Saturday at 6pm at Rollin’ 253! Each dollar you place your favorite skater’s jar is a “vote” towards them getting some pie in their pretty face! Whoever has the most at the end of the bout gets PIED. And 25% of all proceeds go towards The Brain Energy Support Team! Which Bettie would YOU like to see pied in the face???”

We are so there! Are you? Join the fun with BEST! Click here for more info!

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