It seemed fitting to celebrate the first day of fall with the BEST Summer 2015 recap in pictures and words.

It was a summer of great conversation, supporting each other and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors together.

We kicked off the summer with a terrific film screening event at Our BEST Space with notable disabled media artist, Cheryl Green. Cheryl’s film shorts captured the imaginations and spirits of all those in attendance.

BESTies and their families enjoyed two wonderful camping experiences in both Eastern and Western Washington, where fun was had by all. Beautiful Lake Skookum to the east and Dash Point State Park to the west were the backdrops for these enriching and relaxing experiences.

BEST was honored to tour GRuB’s stunning Victory Garden in Olympia and meet some wonderful new BEST friends. And speaking of nature’s bounty, BEST really enjoyed the harvest of the BEST adopted apple tree at the Curran Apple Orchard Park in University Place! 

More BEST friends were part of the summer experience.  We cheered on the wonderful women of the JBLM Bettie Brigade. Go Betties! What an exciting local derby season!

And finally, we savored and enjoyed activities at the Space and all of our support group friends and superheroes across the state of Washington.

Here’s to a wonderful fall season ahead. BEST wishes everyone!

A BEST Summer 2015 Collage!
A BEST Summer 2015 Collage! From to top left to right: 1. Superheroes at  Dash Point State Park. 2. BEST Founder and CVO, Penny Condoll,  enjoys the BEST adopted apple tree at Curran Apple Orchard Park. From middle left to right: 3. Happy campers at Dash Point State Park. 4. BEST’s own Penny Condoll takes part in the harvest at Victory Farm. From bottom left to right: 5. The JBLM Bettie Brigade at Rollin’ 253 in Tacoma, pre-bout. 6. BEST’s Penny Condoll, Disabled Media Artist Cheryl Green and BEST Executive Director Gloria Kraegel at the film screening. 

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