Garden Lovers, Feast Your Eyes on This!

Last year about this time,  BEST paid a visit to GRuB Victory Farm  and what a day it was! The sun was shining, the skies were bright blue and this innovative community garden project was nothing short of lush and breathtaking. However, this garden is more than just a showcase for a stunning Pacific Northwest farm and (more…)

The BEST Summer: Kicking Off Fall in Pictures and Words

It seemed fitting to celebrate the first day of fall with the BEST Summer 2015 recap in pictures and words. It was a summer of great conversation, supporting each other and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors together. We kicked off the summer with a terrific film screening event at Our BEST Space with notable (more…)

Community Connections: BEST Tours GRuB Victory Farm in Olympia

GRuB Victory Farmers in Olympia, WA empowers veterans, active duty servicemembers and their families through community service, peer to peer support and more, all in the setting of a spectacular and lush garden environment that helps sustain the local community. BEST had the honor of visiting Victory Farm yesterday afternoon. It was a magical afternoon (more…)