In Pierce County, Washington, where BEST is headquartered, it has been determined that over 1,700 people are considered homeless according to information released by the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC).  This is a 37 percent increase from last year.

Unfortunately, brain injury plays a major role in the homeless population. Some studies have shown that it can have significant impacts to those living on the streets across our nation. Click here to read a comprehensive article about homelessness and traumatic brain injury from Brainline.org.

Last week, BEST attended the Annual MDC Community Share Breakfast in Tacoma, Washington,  to learn more about those facing homelessness and poverty and how our community can work together to help those in need.

It was a powerful and emotional conversation.

In the brain injury community, we must ask ourselves these three important questions:

  1. How can we as a community support and serve our fellow superheroes and survivors who are facing homelessness?
  2. Where can we best partner with other community organizations to provide healing, support systems and hope for those who are homeless and cope with brain injury?
  3. What extra steps can we take in increase brain injury awareness in our communities to reach those who need to know?

Your thoughts?


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