Here’s some highlights for what’s happening at BEST in Second Life for September 2022! Joining Second Life is free as well as events. To learn more about Second Life and to get started, click here

(1) Brain Busters on Tuesday, 6 Sep at 11am SLT. The topic is chronic pain and the brain.

Brain waves low? Not sure what’s going on? Who do you call? Brain Busters! Join Namaara MacMoragh at Inspiration Island for a monthly discussion on how to navigate the bumps and potholes along the road to a better brain.

(2) Avi Spa Day with Exi & Chezz on Saturday, 17 Sep at 11am SLT.

Not sure what store to shop for great clothes? Does your avi pale in comparison to what you want to look like? Does your head not quite fit your neck? Join Exi & Chezz as they share tips, strategies, and fun ways to make your Second Life avatar reflect the “real” you.

(3) QuizKnow Game on Sunday, 18 Sep at 12pm SLT.

If you love game shows you’ll go crazy for our Etopia QuizKnow Game. It’s modeled after the classic Jeopardy game. Namaara may not be Alex Trebec, but she’s bound to make it fun for all. Join us for friendly competition and prizes at this month’s game. Interested in being a contestant? IM Namaara MacMoragh.


Self Care: Samatha Skydancer hosts a daily (except Sundays) Qi Gong class.

Early morning or late night? Whatever time this exercise class is for you. Samatha Skydancer shows you how to perform Qi Gong movements for improved health using SL and RL instruction.

Etopia Dance Studio

(5) Valibrarian and Namaara MacMoragh are doing a Grammar Cops presentation for the 2022 VWMOOC on Friday, 23 Sep at 9am SLT as part of the regular Nonprofit Commons meeting.

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