BESTie Nichole D. shares with the TBI Panel.

Making connections, sharing information and learning new things are the BEST.

BEST had the opportunity to do just that recently. Organization representatives participated in an innovative informational and networking event hosted by TBINetwork and Eastern Washington University (EWU) in Cheney, Washington. The TBI Panel ConferenceDiagnosing, Treating, and Thriving with Traumatic Brain Injuries held on May 18 on the EWU campus was comprised of a series of conversations and activities to educate students, professionals, and other relevant populations about vital topics concerning brain injury and brain injury awareness.

For BEST Executive Director, Gloria Kraegel, the symposium was a moving and inspirational experience.

“I was impressed with the panels and the information that was shared,” says Kraegel. “Many of the attendees that I met were individuals with brain injury and family members. I was moved by their stories and their determination to embrace opportunities as they challenged the many issues they faced.”

While panel members addressed questions and provided information and support, participants also discussed how they could be service to other survivors and their families.

“Students from the social work program attended some of the panels I moderated and asked how they might be better at helping families and what information did they not get initially, but would want others to have,” shares Kraegel.

Besides Kraegel, a few Brain Energy Support Team BESTies, had the opportunity to present and participate.

“I was proud of our BESTies Mia, Nichole, and Paul. Each of them shared their experiences and insights that were encouraging and insightful.” 

Panel Discussion

Kraegel continues, “Nichole was on a panel that focused on education and employment. The discussion started well and grew to a room resonating with questions and sharing of resources. People couldn’t write or connect with one another fast enough.” 

Kraegel has nothing but praise for the event and is grateful for the connections and conversations.

“It really was a great symposium, filled with resources and relevant discussion. Kudos to TBISN and EWU!” 

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