BEST Superhero of the Month June 2020

Caregivers are often seen as caring, kind, supportive and loving.  While these attributes are all true, there are other adjectives that apply to caregivers.  Fierce. Loyal. Determined. Superheroes. Warriors.  Our BEST Superhero of the Month for June 2020, celebrates and uplifts all of the characteristics of caregivers, but especially the warrior spirit and mindset of (more…)

Caregiver Thursday: Caregivers and Creativity!

(Editor’s Note: BEST welcomes a blog exclusive from Susanne White, Caregiver Warrior! She explores creativity and caregiving in a passionate and powerful way. Thank you Caregiver Warrior for your words and wisdom! KT) Productivity comes from the mind, but creativity comes from the heart. Creativity is driven by the need to see things differently. People (more…)