Coloring Today (it’s not what you think)

Today our mindful suggestions focus on color. These three exercises can be alternated throughout the coming week. Connect The Colors Kermit the frog from Sesame Street sang a great song called Rainbow Connection. I can still see him sitting on a log in a bog or forested area with his frog-sized banjo singing his heart (more…)

Slow Down! Here Comes Some Wabi-Sabi.

Wabi-Sabi? What the heck is that?! If you’re not familiar with wabi sabi, it’s a traditional Japanese concept derived from two verbs; wabu and sabu. From a Buddhist perspective, it embodies the impermanence and imperfection of life. The Japanese take it one step further to see the beauty in the imperfection. Think of it as (more…)

Mindful Listening? It’s Easier Than You Think

Our second mindfulness feature in our #MindfulMonday series is about listening. I’ll bet there have been times you felt like the person you were talking to was so busy thinking of their response they didn’t listen to what you were saying. Or you’ve been interrupted mid-sentence. Perhaps you noticed that someone was distracted while you (more…)

Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids

Remember when your mom or grandmother use to color with you? Maybe you’ve even shared those moments with your own children or if you’re as old as I am, your grandchildren. And every time I hoped the moment could last forever. I still love to crack open a brand new coloring book, dump a box (more…)

BEST & Etopia: A Partnership For the Pandemic Era

We have been offering discussion groups, workshops, and presentations in Second Life since 2009 and opened our official Second Life office at Etopia in 2010.  In May of 2020 we moved all of our programming online and into our main campus; also at Etopia. Because of the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic placed on our community (more…)

Twenty-Twenty-Won & Being Our BEST Self

Sure, the “twenty-twenty-won” is hijacked from a commercial (don’t remember the product, just the play on words), but it’s a great way to start this year. This year can be a continuation of last year or we can greet it with optimism and a sense of hope for a brighter future. I choose the latter. (more…)