No More UGHS for this Girl!

(Editor’s note: BEST welcomes back writer, blogger and BEST guest blogger, Kirsten Short, who shares a terrific and informative article on some helpful tools and strategies to engage your goals and journey forward in 2019. Thank you Kirsten for your important words and support! KT)  Happy New Year!  Yup, you heard me correctly; Happy New (more…)

It Can Still Be the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

(Editor’s Note: Enjoy this terrific and informative article on the holidays and YOU, from writer, blogger and BEST guest contributor, Kirsten Short! KT) I was listening to the radio the other day and The Most Wonderful Time of Year began to play. You know the one…  It’s the most wonderful time of the year With the kids (more…)

BEST Superhero of November 2018

Since November is the month known for giving, we know a real-superhero who embodies the spirit of the month beautifully. November is also known for thankfulness, and here at BEST, we are definitely thankful for the same superhero mentioned above. And that special real-life superhero has just been named our BEST Superhero of the Month (more…)

Life is Beauti-Fall

(Editor’s note: Writer and blogger Kirsten Short shares her take on fall in a beautiful and powerful way for survivors. Prepare to be inspired by Kirsten and the autumn season. KT) In 2010, I went on a road trip where we drove around Northern British Columbia and into Alaska. It was mid-September and to this (more…)